Quantity Surveying Software Solutions

Improve your Quantity Surveying skills and advance your career with these WinQS and dimensionX Software training courses.

Benefits of our training programs

Whether you are :
a novice with little or no experience in the Quantity Surveying software realm,
an intermediate user aiming to further develop and broaden skills in a particular aspect or
an advanced user with vast knowledge pertaining to the WinQS and dimensionX platforms and merely strive to sharpen up on specifics,
the training is sure to cater for the needs of all skill levels.

Practical approach

Our training is designed to provide the skills you need to become a pro-active, efficient and professional Quantity Surveyor by delivering accurate, neat and professional Quantity Surveying Documentation.

Globally oriented

Our Software is universal and can be accessed and applied in any country in the world.

For your career

Improve the integrity, speed, efficiency and accuracy with which you capture dimensions, create tender and contract administration documentation, etc. as a Project Quantity Surveyor. 
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